Mushroom Tea (Visionary Brew)


Try our delicious Visionary Brew. A mixture of Hot Cocoa and our forest blend, this decadent Brew is not only delicious but will also amp up your visuals.

With a whopping 4 grams in each pouch this brew is sure to take you to new heights.

Mushroom tea | magic mushroom tea

Founded on the principle of personal intent and a conscious collective, shroom edibles brings nature’s medicine to you. Because healthy living isn’t just about how you feed your body, it’s how you FEED YOUR MIND.

What is Mushrooms Tea

in excess of 100 distinct kinds of mushrooms are utilized in Chinese customary medication to treat different sicknesses. They frequently sell as concentrates or  dried. The tea structure is a delectable method for consuming mushrooms and is easy to brew. The most important phase in brewing  tea is concluding which mushrooms to utilize. Here are the five generally well known.



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